19 december 2008

You're beside me on the seat
Got your hand between my knees
And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze
It's hard to steer when you're breathing in my ear
But I got both hands on the wheel while you got both hands on my gears
By now, no doubt that we were heading south
I guess nobody ever taught her not to speak with a full mouth'
Cause this was it, like flicking on a switch
It felt so good I almost drove into the ditch
I'm screamin'
No, we're never gonna quit
Ain't nothing wrong with it
Just acting like we're animals
No, no matter where we go'
Cause everybody knows
We're just a couple of animals
So come on baby, get in
Get in, just get in
Check out the trouble we're in

tänker på dig carro när ja hör denna låt. fast inte på det sättet. don't take this the wrong way. hahaha det här kan bli sååå missuppfattat xD men du fattar ju carro. våra små bilresor ;D

Nickelback - Animals